Your Home Equity Is Cash Money, Don’t waste it!

Release Your Equity: Home Owner Loans

Homeowner loans attract all types of consumers with all types of reasons to free up some of the equity they have built up in their home for other uses. Perhaps you’re looking at taking at that once-in-a-lifetime European vacation or just need the cash to pay off the rest of a credit card or other debt. No matter what the reason, a homeowner loan is a valuable tool to take advantage of all of those mortgage payments you’ve made over the years. 

Most every homeowner can take out a homeowner loan due to the substantial backing your real estate provides to the loan. For those with bad credit, homeowner loans can be a great way to get a loan as your bank will have faith in your home as backing enough to not worry so much about your negative credit history. More than anything else, a series of payments on your home demonstrates an ability and willingness to pay that trumps a lot of the smaller issues you might have on your credit history. 

Owning a home is a huge commitment and banks see that as a positive when evaluating a particular consumer’s ability to repay any amount of money. Of course, the prospect of having the bank claim your home is a great motivator for most consumers as well and banks know that. There are quite a few benefits that can be realized through homeowner loans. Here are a few.

Reduced Cost
Perhaps the key benefit of a homeowner loan is the low-interest rate and low payments that can often be achieved through using your home’s equity as backing for the loan. Other financing options will most likely stack up with less favorable terms, rewarding those that have built up equity in their particular piece of real estate with easier terms to swallow when pursuing additional financing for other projects.

Range of Use
Though you may only think of homeowner loans as being applicable to things like home repair or other home-related items, the money you have built up in equity for your home can be released in any way you see fit. As stated, that can be anything from a vacation to debt consolidation, giving you the freedom to use your equity as you need to.

Pushing Through Difficulties
For those that have been turned down for unsecured loans in the past, pursuing financing can seem like a daunting prospect. Similarly, those with bad credit through a few mistakes in the past can also find financing a frustrating proposition. 

Homeowner loans clear up a lot of the difficulty surrounding financing particular individuals because of the backing of the home as part of the loan’s construction. Those that have had trouble in the past will often have a considerably more positive experience after building up some real estate equity.

No matter what benefit ultimately speaks to you the most, homeowner loans can be great for both solving problems and be rewarding a homeowner for years of mortgage payments on a particular property. Putting the power over that home value back in the consumer’s hand is a key goal of the homeowner loan.

Of course, it goes without saying that all loans should be carefully considered before entering into an agreement and bringing in some expert advice such as a financial advisor or another party is a great idea when entering into any kind of monetary agreement. However, just knowing what is out there should serve as an impetus for discussion when you think about the things you need money for and the ways to get that cash. Think of a homeowner loan and unleash some of the equity you’ve built up in your home.

This is another original article by Ernst Georges, co-owner of Yanex Real Estate Investing, LLC at Are you looking for an experienced Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island New York Investors? With a service based, business experience, Ernst Georges and Partners work hard to serve home buyers and sellers for the Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and surrounding areas. 

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